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Libby George


I help Women
Prioritize their health
Reduce pain and exhaustion
Enjoy permanent weight loss
Break through barriers
Revitalize purpose
Feel fantastic and Look fabulous

Libby George is a Prophetic Wellness Warrior & Registered Holistic Health Practitioner in Chinese Medicine.

Wife, Mother, Nana, Friend, lay preacher Transformational Coach, Mentor, Herbalist Acupuncturist, International Award winning TV Producer Presenter, Entrepreneur, Cheff. Creator of the 77x seven rewire your life method.

Libby’s life philosophy is grounded in the belief that once you “know the truth, it will set you free”.
Life is a journey of discovery & sometimes our belief system creates health problems & roadblocks in our lives. How we are raised, trauma, lifestyle, environment & our genetics all contribute towards who we are & why. Libby’s approach is to unpack your life story & identify the patterns that make you who you are right now.
From this place She empowers others to transition & transform from disease to wellness. Stuck to unstuck hopeless to hopeful, defeated to overcomer.
Libby has a passion to identify the root causes of an issues & turn a crisis or a storm into a launching pad for greatness. Resolving & healing in a practical holistic safe & effective way. Enhancing the whole person physically, mentally & spiritually.

After a full & hectic career as a broadcaster in the world of television while living in Hong Kong in the 1980’s Libby returned to her roots in New Zealand to complete her ( TCM) studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine & establish a health clinic in her favourite part of the world - The Coromadel Peninsula

Having now successfully, over the past 25 years owned & operated 2 health & well-being clinics. Libby has worked with thousands of clients to manage a wide range of conditions from stress to digestion hormones to weight loss immunity to musculoskeletal injuries. Cancer to diabetes depression & anxiety to spiritual vitality.
Libby’s brief is “we are a whole being”, not just a physical of mental state or symptom. Often we need to go to the core of our issues often embedded in our soul from past traumas offences or neglect. This is where much of our healing can be unlocked, forgiven, healed & transformed.

Alongside her TCM training. Libby’s personal healing journey resulted in her studying Christian theology & spiritual practices. Following this Libby set up a charity & took several teams of trauma counselors to Rwanda to teach leaders trauma techniques following the genocide of 1994.
Her pursuit of truth included studying spiritual healing in Spokane Washington state under John G Lakes resurrection ministry & Sozo training, an inner healing technique at bethel Church in Redding California USA.
Libby is a market place minister who combines all her skills & prophetic gifts to bring effective results in people’s lives.
Her unrelenting hunger for knowledge & truth has driven her to constantly seek out the latest research & constantly up skill her profession to treat her clients with the best expertise and insights available.

Through the gleanings of Libby’s journey her clients have enjoyed astounding clinical & personal results. Her extensive experience with cutting edge science, traditional Chinese medicine, nutritional & herbal support, combined with her personal care & passion to press in prophetically and seek spiritual resolution, means she has a unique mix of physical & spiritual gifts. Positioned powerful to offer “The whole package“ in holistic healing.

Now based in a small seaside town of Whitianga where her roots span 6 generations. Libby lives with her husband Paul. Both have a burning love for the outdoors & spending time with their church family , preaching and ministering as well as spending precious time spent with their 6 grandchildren.
Libby is a talented experienced & gifted transformational health Coach, fulfilling the call on her life to empower others to be healthier happier, purpose driven with passion and Joy!
Libby offers online support with a variety of transformational group coaching programs, along side individually tailored one on one on-line health consultants.
Be sure to check her programs out & read the testimonials of others that have had significant breakthroughs in their lives through her gifting & talented programs.

Here are the reasons you can depend on Libby George to help you lose stubborn fat, break food addictions and walk into their God ordained body healthy and fit!:

  • REPUTABLE – Libby George has been a respected leader in her field and community.
  • EXPERIENCED – Our proudest accomplishment is the large number of long term clients who put their trust in us year after year.
  • INTEGRITY  Building a reputation of integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose. We don’t believe in cutting corners. The foundation of our reputation is our commitment to do the right thing at all times, regardless of whether anyone is watching.
  • RESOURCES We offer a wide variety of development and training programs built on timeless principles that get results.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – All of our curriculum can be customized to specifically address your individual and organizational needs.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.
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What People Are Saying:

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Bonnie Beck

"I began a 90-day coaching program with Coach Libby George in need of courage, strength & support. I needed to make positive changes in my life. But I felt trapped in a cage. Frightened to step out. Yet inside longing for freedom & a deep inner calling to sing a new song. Libby helped me to define my goals & see my real purpose. I learned to prioritize time to create much-needed space to write songs & be swept away in praise & intimacy with my God. My day-to-day living with 5 children had come into a new season & letting go to transition my youngest child to daycare was scary & challenging. Libby helped me get significant breakthroughs both practically, emotionally & spiritually. I had unresolved issues with my past, which meant" Fear", controlled my life. Libby is a gifted spiritual intercessor & prophetic warrior. She is also a talented holistic health practitioner. Her coaching has helped me transition into a new freedom in all aspects of my life. Now I sing the songs I was created to sing & live the life I was born for, No longer controlled or held back by Fear. Thank you Libby for Coaching me so well- Praise God!"

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Melissa Savage

"Before I meet Coach Libby I felt really stressed tense, achy & sore, lethargic, with no energy. & I knew I needed to get on top of my health. I couldn't walk more than 3 km & come 3 pm I had to put my feet up to cook dinner because I was in so much pain. Everything I loved doing became a chore and sleeping at night was restless because of my aching joints. Libby asked me prompting questions that were very solution-driven which I am super grateful for because this helped me understand my own body to realize what was going on within my own system & lifestyle. With Libby, you get the whole package, a holistic combination that left me feeling rejuvenated & so hopeful about my future. I just completed an 11km hike and now I can do my gardening & cooking pain-free, I'm loving my life again. I so appreciated the extra time Libby spent with me to get to the root of my issues. I'm so grateful because It's like a weight off my shoulders like a turning point for me. Libby has an awesome personality, & creates a safe space for you to talk through your issues to gain clarity. Because she takes the care & time to listen, she gets to the root of your issues, combining her knowledge of nutrition, keto, gut health & Chinese medicine to restore health. This is exactly what I needed to make a shift in my health, it was amazing & I'm forever thankful our paths crossed. It's simply amazing how I feel today because of Libby!"

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Jacqui Murdock

"Coach Libby George's Programme and dietary regime, has transformed my life. Before I meet Libby I was diagnosed with arthritis of the hip. I was in pain. I had to stop doing the things I loved like walking the beach & yoga, which left me feeling depressed. I was just about to turn 76 & felt I had been handed a death sentence from my Doctor when they told me they couldn't help me & I would have to spend the rest of my life on anti-inflammatory medication. All my dreams for a happy healthy retirement were crushed. But After 3 weeks of working with Libby, I had no more pain," It was a miracle ". Plus my sleep, & even my eyes were no longer overly sensitive. I am so grateful that Libby's programme taught me how to be healthy, pain-free & at peace with myself with a greater sense of wholeness. The inner healing work that Libby has done with me has bought inner peace, purpose & deep personal healing with a depth of joy in my spirit that is truly a gift from heaven"

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Hope Liefting

"I loved doing the healthy Keto weight loss program with Coach Libby George. Before this I was
overweight and I had issues with my energy levels and my skin. I really enjoyed the content and the
layout. It's easy to follow and the recipes are great. The program offers a great perspective with life changing support on how to start and sustain a Ketogenic lifestyle the healthy way. Prior to doing this course, I was a little unsure how my body would react to this type of lifestyle as I was breastfeeding at the time. But now I am confident, as it sustained my milk and even enriched it. Libby's approach to Keto is super healthy and like nothing, I had seen before. Both my husband and I have lost weight we are feeling fitter and healthier. Plus we are looking for the best we have in years. Thanks, Libby for sharing your guidance and insights with us. It's awesome and truly life-changing for us!"

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Courtney Linnecar

"Before meeting Coach Libby George, I was struggling with the loss of my mother following her battle with cancer. The effects of this put enormous stress on my digestion, sleep, & moods. Libby very quickly helped me gain significant improvement in my wellbeing with improved energy, digestion, sleep & stress. Libby's extensive knowledge & experience in holistic health helped me find personal breakthroughs and transformations in my emotions and spiritual life. I now have a positive attitude toward grief & can now process my loss in a powerful way. I am no longer limited by unconscious negative patterns. I now have an inner peace that allows me to process loss in a healthy way. I highly recommend Coach Libby to anyone that is needing rounded support, physical, emotional & spiritual. Libby is talented, gifted, caring insightful, & has been a blessing to my Life!"

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